The purpose of IMA (Program) is to encourage Amateur Radio from Israel (Activators for this program) and around the world (Chasers, SWLs) to provide an award system for Radio Amateurs. The Program is intended to encourage activity from peaks, including major mountains and even some rechasim and G"vaot .
The program chasing is based on points earning, according to a scoring system for each reference.
The Program is intended for portable operation (/P) .
The Program provides for participation by Activators who make QSOs from the mountains , Chasers who make contact with the Activators, and Short Wave Listeners.
The program consist on 4 regions :
Hadarom – SD -Southern district.
HF- Haifa.
JS- Jerusalem.
ND- Northern district.

IMA Program will be in co-operation with the 4XFF program and the Hollyland award program .

WARNING : IMA management team is not responsible for any damaged will cause during an activation to a human or equipment !

IMA Program management draws your attention to the fact that some mountains may be difficult to activate. Other mountains may lie on military administrated and military areas or mines areas (especially in the northern district ).

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